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Westside Parkway
Recreation: Running Children
Recreation: Road Bike
Agriculture: Farm Laborers
Country Music: Music Symbols
Kern Naturescape - Wildlife
Agriculture: Almond Blossoms
Eastbound/Southwest corner of Calloway Interchange (Agriculture:Orange Grove)
Eastbound/East of Coffe Road (Oil Industry: Oil Workers/Oil Well)
Agriculture: Giant Fruits
Eastbound Mohawk Street loop ramp (Kern Naturescape: Kern River/Mountains)
Las Vegas Artwork
Las Vegas Artwork
Las Vegas Artwork
Las Vegas Artwork
Las Vegas Artwork
Las Vegas Artwork
Las Vegas Artwork

About: Westside Parkway Artwork Project

The City of Bakersfield is considering the installation of artwork within specific locations along the Westside Parkway. Artwork opportunities may be available as donations.

Your choice of artwork may proudly depict Bakersfield’s residents, industries or history. Additional hardscape may be used to accentuate your artwork. If your organization is interested in this opportunity, please contact the City for more information.

The artwork shown is only depictions of what could be placed in the sites identified by Caltrans and City staff. Staff based concepts on some of the popular attractions in Bakersfield in order to give the public an idea of what different types of artwork would potentially look like on the freeway.

The Process

Art Approval

What is the process of Westside Parkway Artwork Approval?

  • Sponsor Notifies City of Interest
  • Potential Area Identified
  • Sponsor Provides City with Multiple Concepts
  • City Approves Concepts
  • City Provides Caltrans with Artwork and Location
  • CALTRANS Approves or Denies Concepts
Upon approval from Caltrans, the City will work with the organization to implement the design and construction of the artwork in the approve area.

Caltrans Requirements

CALTRANSPlacement of artwork on State of California Highways is governed by Caltrans. Several of the significant features of their policies are noted, as follows:

  • Aesthetics must be considered in the highway project planning and design process;
  • Transportation art may include graphic or sculptural artwork, either freestanding or placed on required engineering features (such as noise barriers, retaining walls, bridges, bridge abutments, bridge rails, or slope paving) that expresses something special about a community’s history resources, or character;
  • Transportation art is provided and maintained by a local agency;
  • Caltrans facilitates and coordinates the placement of artwork by others;
  • Caltrans will assume the administrative costs associated with reviewing transportation art proposals and issuing and monitoring encroachment permits for approved artwork projects;
  • All other costs, including labor, materials, supplies, and traffic control for design, engineering, testing, construction, installation, maintenance, and removal of the transportation art will be borne by the Permittee(s);
  • Caltrans may require the permittee(s) to provide bonds or other means to ensure maintenance, rehabilitation, and removal of art;
  • Transportation art proposals should be submitted to the district transportation art coordinator;
  • Caltrans has sole responsibility of approval of the artwork.
  • For additional Caltrans requirements, please click the following link:

Project Contact

City Manager's Office
Caleb Blaschke
1600 Truxtun Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 326-3745


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Common Questions

1. Who will fund the Artwork?

The City is looking for sponsors to fund the artwork.

2. Can I donate to a Community sponsored piece of art?

At this time the City is not allowing multiple sponsors for artwork. In the event that artwork is damaged, the sponsor will be in charge of replacement. This would be difficult to do with multiple donors.

3. What types of Artwork are acceptable?

Pieces of art should depict Bakersfield’s history, businesses and residents. Caltrans prefers silhouette artwork rather than statues for liability purposes. However, in specific locations, sculptures are acceptable. For Caltrans requirements, click the following link:

4. Who is overseeing the installation of Artwork?

The City of Bakersfield will approve the artwork and present it to Caltrans who will make the final decision. The City of Bakersfield will oversee the installation of artwork. They will work with Caltrans and local art groups to ensure high quality art is accepted.

5. Where will the artwork be placed?

There are multiple areas identified where artwork can be placed along the Westside Parkway. Most of the areas reside near freeway on and off ramps and are thirty five feet or more from roadways.